Myers & Fox is committed to getting top-dollar settlements for its clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Check out the success stories below to learn more.

  • Killing it on Property Damage Claims Most of our work focuses on personal injury. But we also help clients with property damage claims (and don’t take a fee unless liability is disputed). This paid big dividends for a client who was recently in a motorcycle accident.
  • No Contact? No Problem. A lot of motorcycle accidents are no contact. The motorcycle rider goes down before hitting the car, truck, etc.
  • No Helmet? No Problem. You don’t see too many motorcyclists without helmets.  But there are some.  And our client was one of them.
  • First Amendment Versus the Walla Walla Fair. Members of the Amigos Motorcycle Club went to the Walla Walla County Fair.  At the Fair they were given two options: remove their cuts or leave.

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